How to set up and use Two Factor Authentication

As part of your LCN account, we will provide the option to set up and use Two Factor Authentication. This guide will show you how to set this up from your LCN control panel.

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What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) will add an additional layer of security to your LCN account. Before you can access your account 2FA will require you to enter a randomly generated code whenever you log in to your LCN control panel, in addition to your normal username and password. It is becoming widespread amongst applications and online services that require a high level of security and it ensures that if someone may have obtained your username and password will not be able to access your account without the unique code.

What is needed to enable 2FA?

Your 2FA code is commonly generated using an authentication app installed to a tablet or smartphone. Additionally, desktop or laptop users can also use specific websites or browser plugins as well. There are many Two Factor Authentication apps or websites that are available, and it all depends on your personal preference on which you choose.

However, here are some possible options that you may want to consider:

Smartphone or Tablet

  • Google AuthenticatorApple and Google app stores and is one of the most popular. It is our recommended choice.
  • AuthyApple and Google app stores and is growing in popularity.
  • Microsoft AuthenticatorApple and Google app stores.

Desktop or Laptop

  • Authy Authenticator – Found at, a good choice that can be used via the website or added as a browser plugin.

Enabling 2FA in your LCN account

  1. First Log in to your LCN account and click on Control Panel.
  2. Float your mouse over Account and select Security Settings
  3. You will now see your security options, click on Setup Authentication
  4. You will now be provided with 3 steps. The first is to get yourself an Authenticator app as we have covered above if you have not got one already.
  5. IMPORTANT – Take note of the secret key displayed in your account as it will not be displayed again. If you lose your device or you uninstall your authentication app you can use the key to set yourself back up.

Please Note: If you lose your 2FA device or application and you do not have your secret key to reconnect you will need to contact the support team.

  1. Now you have your app you will need to use it to scan the QR code displayed in your LCN account or enter the secret key that will be displayed.

Please Note: The steps to setting up your account via the app of choice may vary. If you are unsure you will need to check for support for your app of choice.

  1. After you have connected your app you will be provided with password code. Enter this in the box for Verification code.
  2. Click Enable authentication.

That’s it! You have now set up 2FA for your LCN account. Access to the account will not be possible without your authentication provided by your app.

Please Note: If you have Location Restrictions enabled you will be offered to disable it. As a result, this will allow access to your account from any IP or country, however, with 2FA enabled that will not be possible without your 2FA code. If you would like to know more about Location Restrictions we have a guide here.

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