How to open a Support Enquiry

Our Support Ticket system is in place for those who cannot call our support team. Raising a Support Ticket can be a great alternative to contacting us to gain support for any queries you may have.

Our email addresses we sent information out from are No Reply which means we won’t receive anything if you respond.

Support Enquiries are also available on the weekends, this is due to our Phone Lines being closed from Friday at 5:30pm and do not reopen until Monday 8:00am.

This guide will go through how to create a Support Enquiry and the different types of enquiries that you can raise.

Before we begin this guide, you must have access to the Online Control Panel as the main account holder. If you require assistance with this, please see this guide here.

Step One

Once within the Online Control Panel, you want to hover your mouse over the Support tab and then select Support Tickets from the drop-down menu.

Step Two

Here you will be able to see your open and closed ticket. To create a new support ticket, click the Create Enquiry button.

Step Three

From this page you will need to fill in the details below, including the subject and what the main enquiry is. Include the domain name that the enquiry is about and what department the enquiry is going to.

Please make sure your name, correct contact number and email address are all stated so we can respond to you.

Once you have the correct details, department and the description of the enquiry, then click Submit.

What Department do I send my enquiry to?

Your enquiry might need to be to a specific department; therefore, the rest of the guide will show you the different departments and what enquiries should be sent to them.

Technical Support

Technical Support is for those enquiries where your emails are not working or something is wrong with your website.

Enquiries would go here such as “I would like help with changing my DNS Settings”.

With Technical Support you can also attach Files to further describe any technical issues you might be having.

Domain Registration

If you are looking for changing Nominet Tags, transferring Generic Top-Level domains, or just have a general domain admin enquiry; then the Domain Registration team is where your enquiry needs to go.

You may find yourself sending documents to this department too, for example, when you place an order for a domain you must provide evidence you live in that certain area. You may send some documents and a form of Identification.

If you have any further questions then please raise a support request from within your Online Control Panel or call us on 0345 363 3637 and our customer support team will be happy to help.

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