How to obtain email headers in webmail

Email headers contain the raw information about an email you have received. The following guide will show customers with LCN Web hostingEmail hostingWordPress hosting or a free mailbox how to obtain this information via LCN webmail.

The header will identify routing information of the message including the sender, recipient, date and subject. You will also find within this information details as to an emails spam score and how it scored against the spam filter.

Let’s get started…

  1. Log in to LCN Webmail
  2. Click on the email you would like to see the headers for.
  3. From the top right-hand corner click the small down arrow.
  4. A box will appear showing the email headers. You can now copy this information if you require it for any reason into a text document.

That’s it! You now know how to obtain your email headers using LCN Webmail.

If you would like to obtain email headers using your email client you can find steps from here.

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