Introducing Managed WordPress Hosting

Introducing Managed WordPress Hosting

We’re super excited to announce the launch of our Managed WordPress Hosting, a fantastic solution for taking the stress out of managing your WordPress website.

Keep up to date

Staying on top of WordPress updates can be time consuming, so wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to do it all for you? With Managed WordPress Hosting you have a whole team dealing with all the updates on your behalf, so you can spend more time focusing on running your business instead. We’ll check regularly for any updates to WordPress, PHP, plugins and themes as it’s no good just updating one and not the others. What’s more, we’ll make sure to thoroughly check each one first for any potential compatibility issues, so your website will continue to work seamlessly after it’s installed.

Top notch performance

Having an up to date website is only half the story – it also needs to be lightning-fast. People won’t want to sit and wait for a website to load. If it’s not appeared within a few seconds they’ll click away and go to a competitor instead. Our team of WordPress experts will make sure they optimise your website so that it runs at its very best. We’ll setup caching so that static elements like images load much faster, and with our high-tech data centre we have the resources and technologies to ensure your website gets the juice it needs.

Robust security

The last thing you want is for your important business website to suffer an attack – not only would your brand reputation suffer but you’ll also have to spend a large amount of time restoring everything back to how it was. With Managed WordPress Hosting you’ll get that weight lifted off your mind! Your website will be protected by state of the art malware detection, and our security team will set up regular scans to make sure nothing slips through. In the event that any malicious files are found we’ll automatically disable and quarantine them, removing any risk of your customers stumbling across them.

1 click backup restore

We’ve all been there – you publish an update to your website and realise you’ve accidentally updated the wrong page. It happens to all of us from time to time. That’s where it’s so useful to quickly and easily roll back that change, restoring the website to how it was before the update. With Managed WordPress Hosting you’ll not only have access to regular automatic backups, but you’ll also be able to make them live with just one click. No need to spend time trying to find a suitable backup and then working out how to use it – just one click and you’re done! You’ll also be able to create your own backups at any time, a real weight off your mind when it comes to those big website updates.

And much more…

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Managed WordPress Hosting also comes with:

  • UK support 7 days a week from the friendly WordPress team at LCN
  • Test environments for checking the effects of any website updates
  • Migration service to transfer your existing WordPress website over to LCN

So what are you waiting for? Save yourself time, keep stress at bay and benefit from the expertise of a helpful team. Discover Managed WordPress Hosting today, or call us on 0345 363 3637 to find out more!

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Nathan Preedy

Nathan has been with since 2005 and has a background in Technical Support. He is passionate about helping customers find the best product for them and use it to its full potential.