What happens to a Domain Name once it expires?

This guide will go through the different domains and what happens to them one they have passed their expiration date.

.com/.net/.org Domains (GTLD’s)

Once a .com domain has surpassed its expiry date, there are a few stages the domain goes through before it enters the open market.

After roughly 30 days the domain will enter the stage of Redemption Period.

This stage is roughly another 30 days long, and the domain can still be renewed but the renewal fee for redeeming a domain in the Redemption Period is more than the original renewal cost.  

Once the Redemption Fee is paid, if you have emails or a website on the domain, these will come back online in 24-48 hours as long as all hosting packages are live.

After the Redemption Period has passed, the domain will enter Pending Delete. At this stage we cannot redeem the domain and it will fall back into the open market for purchase in around 5 days.

.UK Domains

Once a .co.uk, .uk or .org.uk domain has passed its expiration date, it takes between 60-90 days for this domain to fall from your account.

You can still renew this domain until that point, but the domain will be suspended within this period.

This means your services attached to the domain may stop working and not work until a domain renewal has been completed.

New Top-Level Domains (NTLD’s)

 NTLD’s such as .shop and .live domains work similarly to the GTLD’s. They will be suspended and go into a Redemption Period, then after that they will enter a stage of Pending Delete.

The time of how long you have before it expires will differ depending on what domain it is, so it would be worth checking in with our Domain Admin department.

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