When registering a domain name, it's important to make sure that the registered owner details are up to date. If you move address or the owner of the domain name is changed for any reason, updating these details is recommended.

You can update the ownership details for your domain through your LCN account. However, there is a charge if you want to change the registered owner (i.e. name or organisation) of a .EU domain name.

  1. Log in to your LCN.com account.
  2. Click the Domains icon and choose the domain you want to update.
  3. Click Update Owner Details in the Current Domain menu on the left.
  4. Edit the information you want to change and click the Update Domain Owner Details button (see below for restrictions)
  5. Allow up to 24 hours for these changes to update in the public WHOIS database

Change of owner for a .EU domain

EURid, the .EU registry, requires additional authorisation when a domain owner's name or organisation change. You'll need to complete this authorisation process after you have followed the steps above in your LCN Account. For more information on EURid's authorisation process, see the EURid domain transfers page.

Note: It is your responsibility to make sure your domain's ownership details are accurate. If your address changes or you sell your domain, you'll need to make sure you update the owner details.

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