How to set up an email auto responder

If you’re away for a given length of time it can be useful to set up an auto responder (also known as an out of office reply) to automatically reply to anyone that emails you. 

The response can be anything you like, and you’re not limited by character length. An example of an auto response would be: 

“I am out of the office until 1st January. I will address your query upon my return. Should your message be urgent, please contact: 01234 567 890, Thank you for your e-mail.” 

Let’s get started… 

Setting up your auto responder reply 

  1. Log in to LCN Webmail
  1. Click Setting and select Out of Office
  1. You can now see your Reply Message details. Start off by entering the Subject of your Out of office message, followed by the Body of text you would like to have sent. 
  1. Choose the Start time and End time you would like your Out of office to run for. 
    If you would like your out of office to start immediately you can leave Start time blank. If you would like the out of office to continue indefinitely leave the End time blank. 
  1. Choose the status of your out of office. 
  1. Click SAVE 

Please Note: If you set a start time and do not turn on your responder it will not start, make sure you turn your status on.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully setup your out of office. 

Changing your Out of Office settings 

Now that you have set up your Out of office you may want to adjust your settings such as the Reply sender address, which email you would like the responder to be for if you have more than one for your mailbox, and how frequent you would like the reply to be sent. 

To check and change these settings you will first… 

  1. Log in to LCN Webmail
  1. Click Setting and select Out of Office
  1. Click on Advanced settings
  1. In Reply sender address enter the address you would like to reply with your out of office message. 
  1. In My e-mail addresses select the email or emails, if your have more than one for your mailbox, you would like the out of office to be for. You can click Fill with all my addresses to add all your mailbox emails. 
  1. Next select the Reply interval, this will dictate how often your reply will send. 
    For example, if you set your interval as 1 day, if someone emails you twice in the same day they will only receive your out of office once within that period.  
  1. Lastly, you will want to choose what to do with the messages sent to you while you are away.  
    From Incoming message action, you can choose to:  
  • Keep – This will keep the message in your inbox for when you return. 
  • Discard – This will discard messages received. 
  • Redirect to – This will re-direct messages to an address of your choosing. 
  • Send copy to – This will keep the email in your inbox but also send a copy of the email to an address of your choosing.  
  1. When you are happy with your setup click SAVE

That’s it! You have now changed the settings for your Out of office. 

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