How to register a domain name

If you have stumbled upon this guide you are most likely asking yourself, “how do I register a domain name?” The following guide will provide the basic steps on how to register your name. 

If you are new to the process of setting up an email or website you will start off by choosing the perfect domain name to use on your website and email addresses. 

We have a guide that will help explain what a domain is and how they work here

Let’s get started… 

Searching for your perfect domain name

Before you can register your domain name you will first need to check and make sure it is available. 

To do this you will need to head to and enter the name you are after into the search box. The system will then check the registry to see if it is available and return the results.  

You will be presented with a list, if you searched for a specific type of domain name (i.e. it will be listed at the top of the page. Further domain extensions will be listed below, such as the ever-popular .com to more unique names such as .online or .blog. 

Register your domain name  

Once your domain is in your basket you can complete the checkout process to register the name. 

Before you reach the basket we will make sure you have all you need, so if you are after a website or email you can add that next. 

Makes sure to review your basket, pick the registration term you are happy with and proceed to complete your order. 

That’s it! Your domain name has now been registered you can now get started! 

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