Mailguard is the spam protection system provided with all email accounts hosted with LCN - the Mailguard spam filter will attempt to filter out any spam mail or virus/malware content before it reaches the inbox for your accounts.

Enabling Mailguard

Mailguard is enabled by default for all email accounts hosted with, you do not need to do anything to enable spam/virus content filtering for your accounts.

Disabling Mailguard

Mailguard can be disabled by logging in to Webmail for your account. The options to disable Mailguard or adjust the filter sensitivity are currently only available using the 'LCN' interface for Webmail. To disable Mailguard, go to the 'settings' menu within Webmail. Then select the Mailguard settings menu, you can then adjust the 'Spam Filter Sensitivity' setting to disable Mailguard - or to adjust the sensitivity of the spam filter:

Select the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page to save any changes to the Mailguard settings.

Managing spam mail for your accounts

To view mail blocked as spam – you will need to log in to Webmail or use an IMAP mail client to check the ‘Junk’ folder for your account.

To log in to Webmail go to:

  • Viewing mail blocked as spam:

    After logging in to Webmail for your account, you will then need to select the ‘Junk’ folder from the folders list on the left of the page:

  • Emptying the Junk folder:

    To empty the junk folder of all message, select the Junk folder from the folders list on the left of the page, then select the settings icon in the bottom left corner of the page and select 'Empty':

  • Whitelisting a domain or sender:

    Options are provided when viewing a message within Webmail, to Whitelist the senders address, or the domain name of the senders email address.

  • Marking message as Junk/Not-Junk

    You can use the ‘Mark’ icon within Webmail to mark an item as junk or not-Junk:

    Select the 'Mark' icon, then select the option to mark As-Junk, or as Not-Junk from the menu:

  • Accessing settings for Mailguard

    You can use the setttings menu within Webmail to remove whitelisted domains/senders, to adjust the spam filter sensitivity or to delete legacy preferences/rules copied from the old Mailguard system for your account.

    To access the settings for Mailguard, select the settings icon within Webmail:

    Then select the menu for 'Mailguard Settings', under Preferences:

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