How to delete your emails

Learn how to delete your LCN emails on your LCN Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Email hosting or LiteMail service. 

Accessing Webmail

If you have a mailbox with LCN, you’ll have access to our Webmail service. This allows you to log in and manage your email directly in your internet browser from anywhere in the world. The address you need to visit is:

Before you start you’ll need to have the mailbox and password for the account you’re looking to remove emails from. If you’re unsure of these details they can be found in your LCN account.  

Let’s get started… 

Deleting your emails

  1. Login using the mailbox or email address and the associated password

    When you first log in, you will have 5 folders set-up in your mailbox (Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, Deleted Items). These allow you to keep your mailbox neat and tidy straight away. 
  1. To delete your emails you must first move them to the Deleted items folder.  

    To do this, highlight the email you wish to delete by clicking it once, and then either press the delete key on your keyboard or select the delete icon at the top of the page. 

    You can bulk move emails by clicking the first email and holding Ctrl before clicking each email you would like to be moved. Once the email is highlighted in pink, you can select to move it as above.  
  1. Once you have checked all the folders and moved the emails you no longer need (including the Sent folder), you then need to click into the Trash folder. Highlight the emails again and click delete.  

    Please be aware that this will delete them permanently. 

Please Note: Once you have deleted your email within Webmail, these messages will be permanently deleted from any IMAP connected email client you use on your PC, laptop, and mobile devices too. If you are looking to learn more about IMAP then check out our How to set up POP or IMAP email guide. 

  1. You can view how much storage you are using on the bottom left of the Mail section. The percentage will be displayed, and this is the total storage used for the whole mailbox, not just the folder you are in. 

That’s it! You’ve deleted emails from your mailbox. 

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