Changing your root password on a Plesk server

If you have installed cPanel/WHM to your PureSSD VPS server, then you can change the root password from within the Plesk interface.

Step 1

When you have logged in to the Plesk management interface, select “Users” on the left-hand side of the page:

Plesk Users interface

Step 2

Choose the name of the user that you wish to update the password for. In this case, we’ve selected Administrator.

Plesk user management

Step 3

Next, select “Change Settings“. This will take you to a page with a number of options for the user. Here you will see an option to change the password.

Plesk Password Change steps

Step 4

You can also change your password from the homepage of Plesk.

In the top right corner of the page, just select your user and a drop down menu should appear. Select “Edit Profile” and the following page will have an option to change the password.

WHM Edit user profile

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