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An alternative to catchall email addresses

A catchall email address allows you to receive any email sent to any address at your domain e.g. Catchall email addresses are regularly abused by spammers carrying out “dictionary attacks” on domains. They send thousands of junk emails to random addresses at a domain name hoping that they will get into someone’s inbox.

We don’t offer catchall email accounts or forwarders, which means we can significantly reduce the amount of spam and unwanted email our customers receive. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of our IP addresses being blacklisted by other networks or ISP’s and lets us deliver legitimate email more effectively.

Have you considered forwarding your email instead?

You can use email forwards to forward email for a specific address at your domain name to an existing email account, which will help reduce your exposure to potential spam. Every domain name registered with us comes with 10 email forwards that are completely free to use, if you have a web hosting package you may have even more.

Check out How to forward your emails to another address for advice on setting these up.

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