Uploading your website using Serif WebPlus

Serif WebPlus is a simple yet powerful drag and drop based software which will have you creating sites and uploading them in no time! It's easy to connect Serif WebPlus to your hosting plan with LCN and below is a step by step guide on how to do this:

Let's get started...

  1. When you have your website ready to upload, click on the Publish site option the top tool bar. You can also get to this menu by pressing Ctrl + f5.
  2. Next, choose the Accounts button and a pop up menu will ask you for your account details.
  3. You need to fill out the account details which are specific to your hosting package. If you are unsure of these, they can be found under the Hosting > Manage site option in your LCN.com account.
    • Account name: We recommend you use your domain name here
    • FTP address: upload.lcn.com
    • Port number: The default is set to 21
    • Folder: www.yourdomain.com/web
    • Username: Your FTP username
    • Password: Your FTP Password
    • Passive Mode: This is ticked by default
    • Website URL: www.yourdomain.com

    Once you have added the requested details, click OK.
  4. You will then need to confirm your details by choosing Update Account.
  5. The next screen will allow you to choose which pages you wish to publish. If it's your first time uploading the site, ensure that Publish All Pages is selected.
  6. This will then upload the website to your hosting package and once completed, this will be visible at your domain name. Please be advised that this can take up to 10 minutes depending on the size of your website and your internet connection. Once the upload is complete, choose Close.
  7. You will then get the option to view your website on the web. Choose the browser you wish to use and then click View this URL ->. Once you have viewed the website, click Close.
  8. That's it! Your website is now on the world wide web for people to view.

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