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How to upgrade a free mailbox

All our domain names come with one free mailbox, this allows you to create a personalised email address.

The free mailboxes we offer come with the following limitations:

  • Mailbox disk-space is limited to 25MB.
  • Only 1 free email address can be created per domain registration.
  • Free email addresses don’t include spam filtering or the ability to whitelist or blacklist senders.
  • Free mailboxes only support the IMAP protocol (POP not supported).
  • You can’t have both a free mailbox and forward that shares the same name.

The quick and easy solution to these limitations is to upgrade to an email hosting plan – you’ll get more storage for your emails, as well as the ability to create more than one address.

Why upgrade to hosted email?

It’s time to consider upgrading if you find you are often running out of storage space, or if you need to add more than one email address to your domains.

Here’s a full list of benefits to upgrading:

  • Increase in mailbox disk-space.
  • Even more disk-space (if needed). You can add an “email top-up” of up to 5GB to your hosting plan to increase the amount of disk-space per mailbox.
  • Ability to create multiple addresses.
  • Spam filter with virus/malware protection.
  • IMAP and POP access enabled.
  • Auto-responder support. Our email hosting plans include support for setting up auto-responders if you need to add an out-of-office reply to your email address.
  • Access to UK based support.

How to upgrade your free mailbox

You can upgrade your free mailbox to one of our email hosting plans in 3 easy steps.

    1. Choose and order an email hosting plan here, or get in touch with our support team to place an order.

Please Note: All our web hosting packages come with emails functionality included. If you are looking for a place for your website as well as emails you can view these packages here.

  1. Once your order is complete, go to the hosting section of your LCN account and select add domain below the hosting plan just purchased
  2. Select the domain name you’d like to add to the hosting plan and click Add Domain.

That’s it! You have now upgraded your LCN free mailbox to an LCN hosted mailbox. You won’t lose any messages already held in your mailbox and there won’t be any downtime during the upgrade. You will also now be able to create additional mailboxes from your LCN account for your hosted domain.

Please Note: If you’re not using our Nameservers you will need to make sure that you update your MX records accordingly after your upgrade. The MX records you will need for a hosted mailbox are and

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