We understand how important it is to know that once you have sent an email, it reaches its intended destination as quickly and securely as possible. To ensure that everyone on our shared hosting is using our email service fairly and in a way that it will not affect other users, we have the following SMTP sending limits:

  • 100 recipients per email.
  • 100 emails sent per mailbox per hour.
  • 500 emails sent per domain per hour.

If you do find that you send out a large amount of emails that could take you over our sending limits, you may need to consider using a dedicated bulk email service like Mailing Manager. This is a separate service which allows you to manage and track your mailing campaigns in a much easier and efficient way.

If you are already an LCN.com customer, we offer you the chance to try the full service completely free as well as giving you 500 email credits.

Mailing Manager

Mailing Manager itself hosts a wide range of features, details of which can be found below:

Campaign Management
- Create and manage multiple mailing campaigns at once.

Advanced Statistics reporting
- In-depth reports on all emails sent using the service including tracking.

Free Professional Templates
- Get your campaign started straight away with ready-made professional looking templates.

Website integration tools
- Add ready-made forms to your website to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

To start your trial, just log in to your LCN.com account, select Bonus Features and then redeem the Mailing Manager offer.

More details on Mailing Manager can be found on their website: www.mailingmanager.co.uk

If you have any further questions on the new sending limits please call 01438 342 490 or send us a support ticket.

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