How to upgrade your legacy web hosting

At LCN we understand the importance of providing our customers with stable and scalable hosting solutions. For this reason we actively encourage all our legacy hosting customers to benefit from our free upgrade service.

Over the years, have offered a wide variety of hosting solutions - many still in operation today (though no longer available for purchase on our website). These older style hosting plans, though the height of technology at their respective times, are far less resilient than the current generation of web hostings available today. These are our Quantum Hostings.

Should you have any of the following listed hosting plans in your account, you can upgrade your hosting to the equivalent Quantum Hosting at no charge (the equivalent hosting plan you would move onto takes into consideration cost and specification of what you currently require for your hosting).

NT1, NT2, NT3, UN1, UN2, UN3, Any Telivo Hostings

Do I need to be aware of anything, before upgrading?

Due to the age difference in some of the hosting plans still in operation, you will need to consider 'compatibility' of what you are currently running or using on your web hosting. Though this may seem like a reason to put off an upgrade, you should be aware that many older hosting solutions do not benefit from the current patching and resilience testing that the newer generation of web hostings benefit from.

We recommend contacting our friendly support desk on +44 (0)1438 342 490 to check for any compatibility issues. You can alternatively send us any email through our contact form here.

The upgrade process

Before we actually upgrade your legacy hosting to a Quantum hosting, you need to have checked you have done the following:

  1. Made a back-up of your current web hosting content (saved locally to your computer).
  2. Downloaded or otherwise saved any and all e-mail from your hosting plan (again stored/saved locally to your computer).
  3. Downloaded or saved any databases you might be using that is part of your web hosting.

The upgrade process will involve re-uploading your website content after the hosting plan has been reconfigured. This can generally be accomplished through FTP. Once your new hosting plan has finished setting up, you will also need to recreate any email addresses you were originally using. You can use exactly the same email addresses you had in your older hosting, your hosting plan simply needs to be informed what these will be (these can now all be created and managed directly through your dashboard).

Upgrading your legacy hosting plan

If you are ready to upgrade your hosting plan (checked for compatibility and have made backups of your content), you can begin your free upgrade of your Legacy hosting by submitting your interest to upgrade to our Support Team on +44 (0)1438 342 490 or by sending us an email here. Our support staff will also be happy to simply discuss the upgrade procedure, or check for any compatibility/functionality issues should you be uncertain.

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