This guide will explain how to order and manage Cloud servers within your account control panel.

Click here to view guides on using cPanel/Vesta control panels for cloud hosting.

To setup your new Cloud hosting you first need to customise/select your package.

  1. Use the slider to select the size of your Cloud hosting. The specifications of the different plans are detailed below:

    Size CPU RAM HDD
    XS 1 core 512GB 20GB
    S 2 cores 1GB 50GB
    M 4 cores 2GB 100GB
    L 6 cores 4GB 150GB
    XL 8 cores 8GB 200GB
  2. Choose your Operating System:

    You can select either the CentOS or Ubuntu operating system – cPanel is not supported if Ubuntu OS is selected.

  3. Choose your Control Panel:

    Select a control panel for managing your server – VestaCP is open source and can be added at no additional cost, the license for cPanel will add an additional £15+VAT to the monthly cost of the package.

  4. Choose your Billing Cycle:

    Select between monthly, quarterly or yearly billing. You will be billed automatically on the expiry date of your Cloud hosting, providing you have an active payment card stored on your account.

Once the server setup has completed you can manage the server from the Cloud Servers section of your LCN account.

Managing Cloud Servers within your account

You can restart a server by selecting the ‘reboot’ button:

Selecting the ‘stop’ button will shut down the server until the ‘start’ button is selected:

The ‘Upgrade’ option allows you to increase the specs of your server to any of the higher options by paying the difference based on your remaining subscription term. Be aware that whilst you can upgrade a cloud hosting plan at any time – it is not possible to downgrade to remove allocated resources once an upgrade is applied.

Manage IP Addresses

Servers will be allocated one IP address by default - you can select the ‘Allocated IPs’ link to purchase addition IPs.

Accessing the control panel

You can select the ‘control panel’ button to access the control panel for the server:

Details on accessing the server control panel will also be sent in a setup email.

Cancelling your Cloud Server

You can cancel your server at any time by selecting the ‘Cancel Cloud Server’ function, at which point you will need to accept the terms of cancellation. Make sure you have a backup of any data before cancelling as the cancellation will be applied immediately.

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