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How to handle orders labelled as “Awaiting Manual Confirmation”

At LCN, we perform random security checks on orders to help keep our system free of fraud, spam or other types of abuse.

When this happens, from the Orders and Billing section of your account, you will see that your order is Awaiting Manual Confirmation.

This means your order has been marked for manual confirmation and that our Support team will be in touch with you by phone to complete the order.

What should you do?

Ahead of the call, you’ll need to make sure the details on your account are valid and up to date, including your: name, address, phone number and account security question. This guide will show you how to update these.

If we’re unable to reach you via the number you have provided, the order may be cancelled and your account suspended. If this happens, or you’d like to process your order sooner, please get in contact with the support team and we’ll be happy to help.

That’s it! You now know how to handle orders that have entered our security screening process.

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