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How to handle a suspended or compromised mailbox

This guide is to provide steps on what to do next if you have a mailbox that has been suspended and how to handle a compromised mailbox.

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Why has my mailbox been suspended?

If your mailbox has been suspended it has likely been used to send viruses or phishing links to other people’s email addresses.

Our systems are constantly monitored for compromised mailboxes sending spam or phishing emails. If your mailbox is sending either of these types of messages, it will be suspended to protect our network reputation and to ensure other customers are not affected by this malicious activity.

How do I identify that my mailbox has been compromised?

A sign that this may be happening is a sudden influx of delivery failure notifications for emails you have not sent showing in your inbox.

How does this happen?

A mailbox that is sending viruses or phishing links is usually caused by a virus or form of malware that has made its way onto one of your devices that you use to send and receive email.

Another possibility is that your password has been compromised and this would usually be due to a weak password being used as they can be easy to guess or cracked by computers.

Please Note: We have updated our password requirements so any password updated or created on our system now requires at least 10 characters including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, a number and a special character. For a guide on making a secure password click here.

What should I do?

When you see that a mailbox has been suspended or if you believe that your mailbox may be compromised the first step will be to run virus and malware scans on any devices (computers, phones and tablets) you use to access your email and make sure that all potential problems are cleared up.

After you have completed your checks and you are happy that you are free of any viruses or malware reset your email password from your LCN account.

We have a guide for this here.

If we have suspended your mailbox you will need to contact our support team to confirm that the above checks have been made. Once we’re happy that they have, we will proceed through account security. Once security has been passed, we can then unsuspend the mailbox and we must make sure your mailbox password is reset.

Please Note: If your mailbox continues to cause problems it will be resuspended. Keep in mind if the problem is not resolved you will risk your mailbox being suspended permanently.

That’s it! You now have all the information needed to unsuspend and secure your LCN hosted mailbox.

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