MX records are the part of the Domain name system (DNS) which serve your email. These normally come in pairs and direct any mail requests on your domain name to the mail server associated with these records.

Normally your website and email would be served by the same server or system. However there are situations where you may need to separate them, for example if you want to run your own office mail server or if you want to use a third party mail scanning service.

Here's how to create a MX record for your domain name:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the Domains icon and choose the domain you wish to manage.
  3. Click DNS Settings in the Current Domain menu on the left.
  4. Click the Add A MX Record button.
  5. In the Mail Server field enter the address of the server that will handle your email e.g.
  6. In the Priority field enter the weighting for the mail server, the lowest number will be tried first for delivery, normally a domain will have at least two MX records acting as primary and secondary delivery destinations.
  7. Click Add MX Record and allow up to 24hrs for the changes to take effect.

New MX records will normally be available for delivering mail straight away (depending on their priority), although you may need to do some more configuration on the mail server you are pointing to before mail is accepted.

As with any DNS change, we do advise waiting up to 24 hours for propagation of this change.

Here is a quick demonstration

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