How to edit your MYSQL database settings

If you already have a MYSQL database set up or are using one of our Web Apps (which come with a database pre-configured) you can edit the settings through the control panel.

How to edit a manually created database

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click Hosting and select the package you wish to manage.
  3. Click Databases in the Current Site menu on the left and you will be redirected to a page where you can see all databases associated with your hosting package.
  4. Here you have the option to create a new database or edit one that already exists. Selecting Details next to a database name will allow you to change the password or manage it directly from your browser.
  5. To access your database, make a note of the username and password and click Manage Your Database to access the phpmyadmin login screen.


If you are updating your MYSQL database password remember to update any code that connects to it.

How to edit a database created by a Web App

  1. If you have a Web App, the database will not be displayed in the Databases section of your account. You would need to access it by adding /phpmyadmin to your domain name. For example:
  2. You would also need to locate the database username and password. These details are found in the configuration files of the Web App you are using. below is a list of the most common locations of these details:
    • If you are using Wordpress, these can be found in the wp-config.php file
    • If you are using Joomla, these can be found in the configuration.php file
    • If you are using OpenCart, these can be found in the config.php file
  3. When logging in via /phpmyadmin to connect to a database used by a Web App, ensure that the Server Choice is set to

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