How to cancel your services

This guide will help LCN customers cancel their services that they no longer need. This will include Web and Email hosting, domain names and SSLs

Please note: Before you cancel, if you are unhappy with your services, please speak to us! The support team would be happy to listen to any concerns and help make sure you have the right setup for you and your needs. If we can fix a problem we will! 

If you would still like to go ahead with your cancellation make sure you have your content backed up. Cancelling a service will result in the deletion of emails or web content when it reaches the end of its current term. You can find out how to back up your web content from our guide here.  

Let’s get started… 

  1. To cancel any service, you will first need to log in tor your LCN account and move to your Control Panel. 
  1. Float over Billing and select Renewals
  1. You will now see your current services that are due for renewal. To see all your services click on the View All tab. 
  1. To cancel service you will need to simply switch AUTO RENEW into the off position, or set your PAYMENT METHOD to None for the service you wish to cancel. This will allow your service to live out the remainder of its term. 

That’s it, your service will now cancel at the end of its current term.  

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