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Extended Validation SSL Setup Guide

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates require the most thorough authentication process in order to be sure that any company certified is a legitimate operation. The validation process is handled by our SSL supplier “GeoTrust”.

Extended Validation Authentication in three simple steps:

  1. Once you have purchased your SSL EV, please keep an eye on your e-mails for further information and requests for documents. To continue to step 2, you’ll need your GeoTrust order number.
  2. To begin the validation process you’ll first need to download, complete, sign, and return the Acknowledgement of Agreement Form (PDF linked to below).EV Validation Requirements – Acknowledgement Agreement

    The signed Acknowledgement Agreement must be submitted to GeoTrust at:

    Email (sign and scan):
    Fax: 1-650-237-8871

    GeoTrust cannot proceed with your SSL Certificate request until receipt of the signed Acknowledgement of Agreement form is received.

  3. Following receipt of the Acknowledgement of Agreement Form, the authentication process on your organisation can begin. The authentication of your organisation is broken down into four parts:
    • Organisation requirements
    • Domain requirements
    • Certificate requester requirements
    • Order verification requirements

Below is an explanation of each.

Organisation Authentication Requirements

Domain Authentication Requirements

Organisation’s Certificate Requester Authentication Requirements

Order Verification Requirements

If GeoTrust is unable to verify any of the required information on your certificate application, they may request you to provide a Professional opinion from a lawyer or accountant to verify the information

GeoTrust’s Validation Requirements:
SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement:

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