Current status good

Current status

All systems are operating normally.

Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance

There is currently no scheduled maintenance.

Completed maintenance

Completed maintenance

Recently completed scheduled work and maintenance on our platform:

19 October 2016 – Webmail Maintenance– [19/10/2016] – Webmail Maintenance – [19/10/2016] Our Engineering team will…

13 October 2016 – Cloud Server upgrades – [13/10/2016]

Our Engineering team will be carrying out a major version upgrade of the…

27 September 2016 – SSL Maintenance – [27/09/2016]

Our Engineering team will be carrying out important scheduled…

Resolved issues

Resolved issues

Details of our most recent resolved issues:

03 October 2016 – Task completion delays – [03/10 ...

****** Update @ 17:20 ****** We’re continuing to see slowness…

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