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Keep your email in sync across all of your devices

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We love our email service, and you will too

All of our Web Hosting packages come with an amazing email service that lets you keep all of your emails in sync across multiple devices and gives you access to our very own LCN Webmail so that you can access your email anywhere in the wolrld (so long as you can get online).

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Sync your devices, share penguins

Your best friend sends you an amusing dancing penguin, you can't wait to show the family at home but you forget to forward it on to your personal email account before you leave the office so you can't access this hilarious video from home… disappointment all round! We've all been there. Keeping your email organised across multiple computers can be a chore, let alone keeping all of your mobile devices in check too.

Luckily we've found a way to change all that. By configuring each of your devices to use IMAP you can keep everything in sync automatically. Now whenever you receive dancing Antarctic animals they will automatically be on your home desktop, your Webmail account, and your mobile phone!

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Webmail. Email anywhere

All our hosting packages come with Webmail, it lets you access your email anywhere there is a web browser and an internet connection, which is great when you're travelling or can't get to your own computer.

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Webmail. Email anywhere

Webmail. Store email for even longer

Store email for even longer

Just like that pastel jacket with the shoulder pads you knew would come back in fashion, you never know when you might need to pull up old emails. That's why we've invested heavily in hardware and storage that allows you to keep those important emails around for longer, even ones with the photos of you in that jacket.

Our great email service comes free with any hosting package:

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