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Domain Registration and Renewal Prices

Extension 1 yr 2 yrs 5 yrs 10 yrs
.wine .jewelry .bio$63.99 $127.97 $319.92 $639.84
.film .adult .porn .physio .credit .loans .accountants .host$87.99 $175.97 $439.92 $879.84
.family .fyi .soccer .run .download .team .site .cafe .school .chat .video .band .rip .forsale .how .world .gives .rehab .auction .diet .help .property .hosting .software .engineer .gifts .market .vet .nyc .estate .bike .training .academy .florist .plumbing .builders .kitchen .coffee .singles .clothing .camp .house .cab .land .computer .domains .glass .shoes .camera .guru .solar .ink .repair .contractors .enterprises .construction .rodeo .fitness .fishing .exchange .cash .foundation .works .vodka .fish .cooking .beer .catering .pub .cool .social .church .life .vacations .country .town .city .wiki .vision .guide .hiphop .gripe .fail .watch .horse .wtf .cards .dance .christmas .webcam .community .photo .cheap .parts .bid .farm .industries .tools .discount .toys .cleaning .productions .trade .reviews .bargains .zone .boutique .rentals .marketing .media .deals .associates .properties .consulting .events .direct .services .digital .limited$39.99 $79.97 $199.92 $399.84
.top .news .football .space .network .business .click .institute .education .today .international .lighting .graphics .systems .technology .equipment .guitars .tips .gallery .photos .photography .link .center .gift .directory .support .management .solutions .company .email .futbol .exposed .audio .ninja .rocks .pics .pictures .report .supply .supplies .agency .website$31.99 $63.97 $159.92 $319.84
.earth .gold .energy .ceo .best$95.99 $191.97 $479.92 $959.84
.law .movie$239.99 $479.97 $1,199.92 $2,399.84
.sex .live .studio$39.99 $79.97 $199.92 $479.84
.study .courses .men .mba .online .dog .lol .win .racing .loan .accountant .show .love .express .golf .tours .plus .faith .date .review .sale .irish .airforce .navy .army .style .fit .fashion .garden .flowers .wedding .money .science .party .yoga .degree .dentist .lawyer .attorney .mortgage .menu .buzz .london .actor .rest .blackfriday$47.99 $95.97 $239.92 $479.84
.college .rent .tech .vote .cricket .global .press .build$71.99 $143.97 $359.92 $719.84
.ski .coupons .taxi .theater .hockey .design .apartments .tennis .bingo .poker .memorial .legal .coach .delivery .pizza .restaurant .healthcare .careers .recipes .sexy .limo .voyage .diamonds .ventures .holdings .lease .surgery .clinic .tax .claims .fund .insure .financial .finance .university .dental .engineering .expert .dating .condos .cruises .villas .flights .holiday .viajes .capital .codes .maison .furniture .partners$55.99 $111.97 $279.92 $559.84
.fans .bar$79.99 $159.97 $399.92 $799.84
.casino$127.99 $255.97 $639.92 $1,279.84
.one .work .xyz .club$23.99 $47.97 $119.92 $239.84
.me$20.89 $40.79 $93.79 $160.39
.uk.com$40.15 $72.28 $160.64 $305.22
.cymru .wales$15.99 $31.97 $79.92 $159.99
.com .biz .info .org .net$14.09 $27.19 $59.79 $92.39
.tattoo$103.99 $207.97 $519.92 $1,039.84
.scot$48.18 $96.36 $240.90 $481.79
.care$39.99 $79.97 $199.92 $559.84
.creditcard$119.99 $239.97 $599.92 $1,199.84
.investments$88.35 $176.69 $441.71 $883.42
.place$40.15 $80.30 $200.74 $401.47
.black$47.92 $95.97 $239.92 $479.84
.co$40.15 $72.28 $160.64 []
.eu$12.86 $20.39 $47.59 $81.59
.uk$9.60 $16.00 $36.00 $64.00
.co.uk .me.uk .org.uk$6.09 $8.09 $19.69 $37.99
.mobi$16.79 $32.59 $73.39 $119.59
.tel$16.19 $32.09 $74.49 $135.39
Prices Ex. VAT at 20% Show with VAT.

Administrative and Additional Services

Service .UK gTLD .EU
Transfer in FREE $6.79 $6.79
Transfer Away FREE FREE FREE
Name server Change FREE FREE FREE
Registrant contact change FREE FREE FREE
Registrant owner change n/a $27.19 $10.79
Reactivation of domain
(only possible within a 40 day period after expiry)
n/a n/a $67.99
Restore domain in Redemption
(only possible within a 30 day period after deletion)
n/a $67.99* n/a
* Redemption includes the first year's renewal.
Prices Ex. VAT at 20% Show with VAT.

Domain Renewal Reminders

Renewal reminders will be sent at regular intervals starting 60 days before the expiry date. The frequency of the renewal reminder emails is shown below:

Days before expiry Type of email
90 Renewal reminder
60 Renewal reminder
30 Renewal reminder
14 Renewal reminder
7 Renewal reminder
0 Expiry notice
-1 to -45
depending on domain ext.
Redemption notice

Keeping costs down

One of 13 UK ICANN Registrars

As we're one of just thirteen UK companies directly affiliated with ICANN, this means that we deal directly with the registries and not a third party, helping to keep costs down.

Nominet Accredited

We're a member of Nominet, the UK governing body for domain registrations. Dealing directly with Nominet helps us register domains quickly & efficiently with our automated systems.

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