Efficient, secure and resilient

  • Highly redundant power & connectivity
  • State of the art security, fire & environmental monitoring
  • Located in Stevenage, Hertfordshire just off the A1(M)

Security & Redundancy

All our Data Centre's systems are constantly monitored & highly redundant.

With our own substation, advanced UPS system and a back-up generator - your server would stay online with no outages for over 3 days without mains electricity.

For extra resilience, we have 24/7 on-site security personnel, constant environmental monitoring (including temperature & humidity) and a highly advanced fire-suppression system.

40% More efficient

40% more efficient

Completely separating hot and cold airflows, our Cold Corridor System significantly improves our data centre's airflow & efficiency. By cooling our Racks more evenly we've also reduced failure rates & increased the lifetime of our servers.

By combining the Cold Corridor with Denco's Ambicool cooling system, which uses the outside air for indirect free cooling during colder months, we've increased our energy efficiency by over 40%.

See it in action


Two diverse fibre links enter at opposite ends of the data centre to maximise resilience. An auto fail-over configuration provides even greater reliability.


We use state of the art alarms & CCTV systems monitored 24/7 by in-house security staff to make sure our premises are completely secure.

Environmental Monitoring

Our skilled engineers monitor every aspect of our data centre (inc. temperature, humidity, water leak, smoke, voltage, etc.) from our custom built Network Operations Centre

Fire Suppression

Our smoke detection system can detect the earliest signs of pre-combustion. When triggered, our FM200 gas suppression system will extinguish fires within seconds - without damaging equipment.